Justin Manteuffel

Justin Manteuffel is a photographer and digital artist from southern New Hampshire. He founded GoldOmega Photography in 2011.

Justin completed the Multimedia program at the New England Institute of Art in 2oo4 and has since worked with Deos Animation Studios as an animator, motion graphics artist and software developer, and has appeared on Deos’ American Public Television Series, “Ribert & Robert’s WonderWorld,” introducing kids to basic photography, science and art concepts.

From 2002 to 2010, he collaborated with Stonefield Studio as a wedding and event photographer and photo editor and has photographed and sold custom portraits at the Pittsfield Hot Air Balloon Rally.

Justin’s photography and graphics work has won several awards, including Best in Show at many local competitions and has been exhibited in several local establishments.

“Though I continue to enjoy photographing portraits, local architecture and landscapes, at its heart, photography is very much a storytelling medium. Telling others’ stories through the art of photography is the most enjoyable experience I can think of.”

Bill Hayden

Bill Hayden is a longtime friend and trusted associate photographer. Founder of Stonefield Studio in West Lebanon, Maine, Bill has more than 25 years of wedding, studio and travel photography experience.

Bill is well-traveled and has a strong passion for visual art and an appreciation for creativity in all its forms. He has worked with a wide variety of clients from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams is a trusted associate photographer. She is outgoing and is very skilled in posing and arranging spontaneous and formal group photos.

Rachel is well-traveled and has several years of experience photographing weddings, kids and summer camp groups. She has a strong knack for recognizing memorable moments and reacting quickly to capture them.