Wedding Photography

Weddings are our passion and it is our enduring pleasure to offer our guidance and experience in making your day as special as possible in any way we can. We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients with different faiths, cultures, orientations and traditions and look forward to learning about yours!

We serve most of New England and are willing to travel. We also offer many of our wedding photography services à la carte so couples can choose the services and coverage that’s right for their specific wedding.

Please Contact Us for pricing, then let’s meet up and start making your picture perfect wedding photography plan!

Why Hire a Wedding Photographer?

These days, every phone is a camera. But if everyone has a camera in their pocket, why hire a photographer to document your wedding?

While there are many answers, it may be best to consider the end result: when you look back on your wedding, would you want to scroll through a gallery of cobbled-together smartphone pictures taken by your guests all vying for the best angle when they should be enjoying the moment with you?

We may be partial, but we think it’s better to dedicate one person to focusing on you and your story, and to working with you to ensure your unique moments are captured and presented with style, care and in just the right light.

We help your plan your photos and consider every aspect, including weather possibilities, sunrise and sunset times, high and low tides (for beach weddings) and how much time to allow for your pictures depending on your group size. Let’s talk and begin making your wedding picture perfect!